How much does one million in life insurance cost for a 30 year term?

What would an over 50 plus year old man in good health pay for 1 million dollars in life insurance coverage in 2011 for a 30 year term?

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2 thoughts on “How much does one million in life insurance cost for a 30 year term?”

  1. For a healthy and nonsmoker 30 year old, a 1 million dollar life insurance policy will cost around $60 up to $100 per month depending on the insurance company and the type of life insurance desired. It may even be more expensive in times of unstable health condition, so be prepared with it.

  2. A 30-year term life insurance product is sometimes unavailable at any price depending on the company. Term life insurance products of 30 years or longer are available if you look for them, but only a few insurance companies offer them. When they are available, they're usually available only for those age 45 and under. Premiums on these life insurance products are subject to the same underwriting rules as other term life insurance, however they are more expensive because the premiums are guaranteed for longer periods of time.

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