How much does a $100,000 term life insurance policy cost for a 50 year old man?

I am in the market for term life and would to know the ballpark figure of what the monthly cost will be for a 100,000 dollar policy.  I am a health 50 year old, non-smoker in good shape.  What kind of quote should I be expecting?  Who has the cheapest term life insurance over 50 policies?

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4 thoughts on “How much does a $100,000 term life insurance policy cost for a 50 year old man?”

  1. If you are 50 years old looking for $100,000 term life insurance policy, most likely you will pay around $15-$20 per month for a 10 year level term. For other year level term options, just look for more insurance offers. Most companies have special insurance offers for interested people over 50 years old, so you will not have a hard time in finding one.

  2. The price you pay for your premium will depend on the length of your term. For example, the cost of a 20 year term life insurance policy will be different than a 10 year term. You are looking at spending about 2o to 25 dollars a month typically, for 100K worth of coverage for your age.

  3. A 50-year-old male will probably pay in the ballpark of $20/month for a 10-year. $100,000 term policy given standard, non-smoker rates. I must stress however that's a guesstimate; you really do need to quote your policy with an agent or a company to get a firm price. Keep in mind the quote given and the actual price may vary after the policy comes out of underwriting. If the company finds health issues during the underwriting process the policy may be “rated,” or quoted higher. Conversely, it's possible to get preferred rates if you're in particularly good health which are lower than standard rates.

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